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This girl Lucy is still a little bit shy, but we know our Mallorcateen Specialist Pete and what we can expect. He will get her as he got all the others. Anyway ... Lucy is a real hot one and. First she just plays with her pussy, followed by her ass. She must be pretty horny because now she takes out a double dildo. She definitely had other plans than just hanging out on the beach without using this huge dildo. But now, with Pete, she is getting a real fuck. Including some wet and dirty pee action. She's real horny this little slut. Lucy, guaranteed THE mallorcateen with the hottest ass of the island
Finding herself caught alone in the harbor, little barbette is a shy girl. This little millionaire’s daughter doesn’t need very long to get horny. Tiny tits and a very wet pussy, this girl LOVES to play dirty games with glass dildos. She can barely stand herself. She works that dildo fast and furious, and at the end she sticks a lollipop from her ass to her mouth just for flavor. Then when this is all over she practices some water sports just for good measure. That’s how hot these Mallorca Teens are!
Germany and the Netherlands may be enemies when it comes to soccer but not here in Mallorca. Pete is from Germany and he has found this nice Dutch girl and she is more then horny. Coming into Pete’s house she just about jumps him to get him started. She spreads her legs and wet pussy lips for him. This slut takes 2 of her fingers and starts massaging her pussy, masturbating right in front of Pete like he has never seen before.

Jasmin is a hot and horny teen. In her wildest imagination she couldn’t believe that just by asking for directions to Mallorca that it would lead to her getting nailed. But this is exactly what Peter is doing. Pussy stretching and hot dildo games, is just the warm up. He then proceeds to fuck the shit out of her, making her scream and wail like the dirty bitch she is. Picked up, fucked hard then thrown away, no questions asked, she deserved it!
- Nadine 23 -
- Monique 21 -
- Lill 23 -
- Olga 24 -
- Jessica 19 -
- Candy 22 -
- Marie 25 -
- Debby 21 -
- Renata 24 -
- Carmen 19 -
- Christina 24 -
- Jane 21 -
- Jenny 25 -
- Sandra 23 -
- Isabelle 20 -
- Beata 22 -
- Maria 19 -
- Nena 20 -
- Barbara 18 -
- Diana 22 -
- Kikki 21 -
- Julia 24 -
- Janine 21 -
- Fabiane 21 -
- Melanie 18 -
- Lucy 20 -
- Barbetta 22 -
- Isabelle 18 -
- Jasmin 19 -
- Monica 18 -
- Sabrina 25 -
- Michelle 22 -
- Sarah 21 -
- Jessika 19 -
- Monika 18 -
- Heike 21 -
- Anika 20 -
- Jasmin 19 -
- Vanessa 21 -
- Sophia 18 -
- Petty 18 -
- Monique 22 -
- Katja 21 -
- Cora 20 -
- Carmen 19 -
- Alina 21 -
- Lara 19 -

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All persons depicted herein were over the age of 18 years at the time they were photographed or filmed.

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